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A study at the Heart and Diabetes Center of North Rhine-Westphalia in Bad Oeynhausen confirms the diagnostic relevance of cardisiography

Comparison of cardisiography (CSG) with myocardial SPECT in suspected and known CAD:

  • Cardisiography (CSG) shows a significant connection with MPS in the preliminary diagnosis of CAD
  • A normal CSG correlates with a normal to slightly pathological MPS, correspondingly high negative predictive value of 98%
  • The CSG is suitable as a preselection tool for general practitioners or cardiology practices when deciding on non-invasive imaging in patients with suspected CHD

Cardisiography (CSG) provides a three-dimensional vectorcardiogram of the heart’s electrophysical properties and uses a patented algorithm and neural networks (AI) to detect pathological patterns and features of heart disease. Especially as a decision support system for the first line diagnostic phase, the CSG fills a clear gap at the beginning of the diagnostic path.

Cardisio will present detailed information at the 88th DGK annual conference from April 20th to 23rd, 2022 in Mannheim.