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Cardisiography in statutory health insurance

Since January 1st, 2023, the first statutory health insurance companies have also reimbursed cardisiography (CSG). In addition, CSGs can also be billed privately according to GOÄ or offered as an IGel self-payer service.

Participating Health Insurers

HZV meets Cardisio:
Your offer as a member of HZV

Starting in January 2023, participating health insurance companies will pay 35€ for each AI vectorcardiography (Cardisiography) in cooperation with GWQ Service Plus AG.

Any general practitioner in North Rhine who has enrolled HZV patients and is interested in trying out new ways of providing care can participate. The aim is to detect heart anomalies as early as possible and optimize diagnostic pathways.

Billing Options

The following billing modalities can be used starting January 1, 2023 for Cardisiographies in the early detection of heart diseases, and will be reimbursed in the GP+ contract of GWQ ServicePlus AG and its affiliated health insurance companies for the HzV participants. The following items can be claimed by general practitioners participating in HzV for their enrolled patients under the GP+ contract:


3D vector ECG for symptom clarification

35,- Euro

Performing a 3D vector ECG to clarify chest pain (R07.1-R07.4) according to the pre-test probability NVL chest pain incl. pretest


  • Twice in a calendar year
  • Not in the same quarter as a stress ECG or heart screening test


Cardiac screening test

35,- Euro

Performance of the cardiac screening test using 3D vector ECG according to Appendix 16.

As part of early detection in insured individuals without previously known heart disease and with at least one of the following risk factors


  • Hypertension
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Obesity
  • Active smoking
  • Post-Covid condition


Depending on the findings, initiation of treatment and counselling


  • Max once a calendar year
  • Remunerated only to the attending physician
  • Not in the same quarter as a stress ECG and 3D vector ECG


Follow-up control in case of positive results

17,- Euro

Review of the current treatment (if necessary, indication-related examination of relevant laboratory values, e.g. HDL, LDL, kidney and liver values), including the underlying disease and, if necessary, adjustment of the treatment strategy


Individual advice regarding lifestyle, adherence to therapy or participation in the DMP KHK.


In case of positive results from the above-mentioned early detection examination.


Indication of a confirmed cardiac diagnosis (hypertensive, ischemic or structural heart disease)


  • 1 x per quarter
  • Up to 2 times within the 4 quarters after performing the cardiac screening test
  • Not billable in the same quarter as the heart screening test billing
  • Will only be reimbursed to the attending physician

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