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Environmental Policy


Our organisation is committed to improving our environmental performance and implementing best practice to minimise the impact of our business operations on the environment.

We will also implement strategies that will reduce the impact of environmental risks on our organisation.

This document defines our Policy and keeps the management and employees informed about their roles and responsibilities to the environment.

Policy aims include:

  • Implement environmental actions within our organisation
  • Monitor the environmental actions and improvements internally
  • Demonstrate leadership by working sustainably with suppliers, communicating with customers and recommending industry-relevant environmental initiatives



The Environmental Policy applies to all employees and contractors, both full time and part time. The Policy will be shared with suppliers, partners and consultants to demonstrate and indicate best practice.



This Environmental Policy formalises our commitment to supporting the principles of environmental sustainability and recognises that a sustainable environment is central to our organisation and the lives and work of our employees.

Internal and external framing

We are committed to accelerating the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy and to reduce and ultimately eliminate the impact to the environment from our operations.


Our commitment:

  • Promote responsibility for the environment within the organisation and communicate and implement this Policy at all levels within the workforce.
  • Assess the environmental impacts of our operations and set objectives and annual targets in order to improve our environmental impact.
  • We will regularly review these targets annually.
  • Provide adequate resources to meet our commitment to this Policy.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation/regulation.
  • Define and communicate to all relevant parties (management, employees and contractors) their responsibilities and individual obligations.
  • Ensure that all our policies and services are developed in a way that is complimentary to this Policy.
  • Take into account environmental considerations in our
  • Report our environmental performance in our annual report if you have
  • Encourage all partners and other key stakeholders to commit to improving environmental
  • Reduce our organisations use of energy, water and minimise waste by reduction, re-use and recycling methods where possible, whether employees are working in the office or from home.
  • Conscious consideration to the level of travel required and the mode of travel, encouraging lower carbon transportation options.
  • Ensure the correct level of ‘offsetting’ is in place to neutralise carbon emissions, but only as a last resort where we have been unable to avoid carbon intensive activities, operate more efficiently or replace or mitigate any residual emissions.

Additional actions:

  • Working with environmental specialists as
  • Preparing and promoting our environmental policy and action
  • Nominating an Environmental Champion internally to encourage employees to make suggestions and decisions on operational practices.
  • Monitoring and reducing utilities consumption in office buildings and where possible home working environments.
  • Measuring the impact of our supply chain on our business and products.
  • Measuring the impact of company travel.
  • Where appropriate, increasing recycling practices and optimising use of technological equipment.
  • Promoting, encouraging, and rewarding lower carbon travel

As employers we will:

  • Share expectation of responsibility for the environment to our employees, board members and service providers.
  • Demonstrate clear commitment to the environment and lead by example, to ensure that the protection of the environment is promoted to all employees.

Our employees will:

  • Be familiar with the environment impact and requirements relevant to their own role and activities and take responsibility for their own impact on the environment.

Our suppliers will:

  • Provide their own environmental policies to our organisation to demonstrate their carbon footprint and carbon reduction targets, where possible
  • Work in collaboration where possible to reduce the overall environmental impact of the supply chain.
  • Communicate this Environmental Policy to all employees, contractors and other stakeholders as well as making this policy available to the general public.

We will review this Environmental Policy annually and measuring targets and performance as part of that review.



Responsibility and review 

This Environmental Policy was adopted by the Director of Cardisio UK Limited.

Implementation of this Environmental Policy is the direct responsibility of the board and senior management, and indirectly, all directors, employees and contractors working for the organisation.

This policy was last updated on 22 February 2024 and will next be reviewed on 1 February 2025.