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Unified Efforts for Enhanced Detection and Prevention of Heart Diseases

The collaboration between healthcare innovators Cardisio and Cortrium took its first step with a joint presence at the ESC Congress in Amsterdam. These two companies have come together to provide cutting-edge, high-precision solutions for detecting heart diseases and arrhythmias, ultimately supporting healthcare professionals in cardiac diagnosis.


Strengthening Heart Health through a Dynamic Partnership:

This groundbreaking partnership offers a multitude of benefits for medical practitioners and the healthcare system as a whole. It empowers doctors with two powerful tools: Cardisio’s non-invasive screening for potential heart disease risks and Cortrium’s precise detection of various heart arrhythmias. This comprehensive approach equips healthcare providers with a faster and more accurate means of diagnosing patients’ heart conditions. Beyond the improvement in health outcomes, this collaboration also brings scalability and the potential for cost reduction in the healthcare sector through enhanced prevention.

Cardisio’s Cardisiography: Revolutionizing Cardiac Care:

Cardisiography stands as a pioneering advancement in cardiac care. This innovative technique harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enable early detection of heart disease, thereby aiding in the prevention of heart attacks. The procedure is as straightforward as a traditional ECG, but its non-invasive and risk-free nature makes it considerably more reliable and informative. In Cardisiography, often referred to as “3D vector ECG,” the heart is measured in three-dimensional space, and the data obtained is meticulously assessed using a computer algorithm. This delivers physicians a precise overview of a patient’s risk of myocardial infarction within minutes.

Cortrium – Long-term ECG made easy:

A common challenge in the healthcare system is the extended waiting time for patients to undergo ECG tests and receive the analysis and results. Founded in 2014, Cortrium set out to create a solution for conducting and analyzing long-term ECGs to detect arrhythmias and prevent heart diseases and strokes. Their offering includes a long-term ECG solution that combines innovative hardware, advanced algorithms, in-house developed software, and cardiac specialists verification of the ECG report delivered. The C3⁺ monitor simplifies ECG recording and arrhythmia detection while seamlessly integrating into daily life. It’s a cable-free, 3 channel device weighing only 32 grams and is reusable and compatible with standard electrodes.

Enhancing the Patient Journey:

Meik Baumeister, CEO and Co-founder of Cardisio, expressed, “Cardisio and Cortrium share the vision of precise preventive care that should be accessible to all, as it’s through comprehensive prevention that we can combat cardiac diseases, the leading cause of death.” Philippe Jørgensen, CEO of Cortrium, adds, “With our robust partnership, we’re committed to realizing this vision, ensuring that more heart patients receive timely diagnoses and treatment.”

Cardisio offers a swift, non-invasive assessment of heart health, allowing a quick glimpse into a patient’s cardiac condition within minutes. If any irregularities are detected during the screening, a detailed diagnosis by a cardiologist becomes a natural next step. In this context, a conventional long-term ECG often comes into play, with the C3⁺ monitor from Cortrium being a preferred choice due to its various advantages. Together, the solutions provided by Cardisio and Cortrium elevate cardiac prevention to new heights, promising a significant enhancement of the patient journey.