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Certification for Brazil

A further milestone for the worldwide spread of cardisiography and thus the early detection of any coronary diseases has been taken: With the ANVISA (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária) certification, Cardisio can now also be used on the Brazilian...
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Ischaemia diagnosis with Cardisio: True innovation

Prof. Dr. Gero Tenderich, heart surgeon, Chief Medical Officer at Cardisio GmbH and the driving force behind the new technology explains in an interview the principle of Cardisiography and talks about the benefits for patients, doctors and cardiological treatment....
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Cardisio at EPK 2019: Electrophysiology made non-invasive

With the Cardisiograph, you can diagnose heart hypoperfusions, for example as a result of stenoses, easily, safely and, most importantly, non-invasively. This makes a Cardisiogram the perfect starting point for further diagnosis and treatment. But what benefits does this...
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Cardisio in the press