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Heart disease risk: how dangerous is COVID-19?

The German Heart Foundation provides detailed information for people with heart disease in the current corona crisis on its website. The motto is: be careful, but don’t panic. People over 60 are at higher risk of severe symptoms if...
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Cardisiography is now also registered with the “Therapeutic Good Administration” (TGA) for medical use in Australia. This clears another hurdle for the worldwide spread of cardisiography and the early detection of coronary diseases. Cardisio is present in Australia through...
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Cardisio Validation Study Sana-Heart Center Cottbus

Frankfurt, March 10, 2020: Following the initial clinical study published in the Journal of Electrocardiography in December, a second, independent study now confirms the effectiveness of cardisiography in the detection of coronary artery disease (CAD). In the study, the...
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Certification for Brazil

A further milestone for the worldwide spread of cardisiography and thus the early detection of any coronary diseases has been taken: With the ANVISA (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária) certification, Cardisio can now also be used on the Brazilian...
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Ischaemia diagnosis with Cardisio: True innovation

Prof. Dr. Gero Tenderich, heart surgeon, Chief Medical Officer at Cardisio GmbH and the driving force behind the new technology explains in an interview the principle of Cardisiography and talks about the benefits for patients, doctors and cardiological treatment....
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Cardisio in the press